Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Real Progentra Results

The science behind the product thoroughly convinced us to order Progentra and check it out. We had two of our buddies to act as guinea pigs for this test since we had been trying male enhancement products on ourselves for the past year, and we wanted the results to be pristine. The testing part of this review is extremely important as the science behind the product only tells the concept behind the product, and going from concept to execution could yield different results. We’ve had several products that had awesome scientific facts to support their claim, but their product falls flat on real-life testing.

We had our test subjects take Progentra Results as intended – two pills a day, on an empty stomach. We had them record any significant improvement on their body, and for the sake of testing, our subjects did not know what to expect. A few hours after taking the first dose, one of our buddies asked if we had them take herbal Viagra – which only says how fast the results are, and how profound the results are for our test subjects. We told them about the product shortly after, and the ‘results’ we are looking for. The test ran for a month to see how it works on a long-term basis.


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